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Paul Effman Music Clarinet Starter Kit

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This bundle includes essential accessories for participating in a Paul Effman Music program. You can add and remove items to the bundle a la carte in the event you already own one or more of the needed accessories.

Music Stand – A music stand is an essential accessory for every musician. Without a music stand it’s virtually impossible for a student to perform with proper posture.

Metronome / Tuner – The Korg TM-50 is a tuner and a metronome in one. A tuner allows for students to properly adjust their instrument each time they play to ensure they are in tune. A metronome produces a steady beat (or tempo). This mimics a conductor keeping the beat for the band.

Reeds – Reeds are required to play a clarinet or saxophone. The reed is a thin piece of wood which is attached to the mouthpiece. The reed vibrates and produces the sound that comes out of the instrument. Reeds can easily chip or crack and wear out over time. A 10-pack of reeds will take most students through a school year.

Maintenance Kits – A maintenance kit is a simple way to purchase all the needed supplies to maintain an instrument. These kits include brushes to keep an instrument clean, cloths to polish, and appropriate lubricants for each instrument.

Mit-T-Mist – All wind players should have a bottle of mouthpiece sterilizer. These sprays quickly and effectively kill germs on a mouthpiece. The spray is especially useful if a student is getting over a cold or flu.

Mouthpiece Patch – The mouthpiece patch is a small piece of rubberized material that sticks to the clarinet or saxophone mouthpiece. It creates a cushion between the players teeth and the plastic mouthpiece making it more comfortable to play. Several come in a package and they are easy to remove and replace if they become worn or dirty.

Thumbrest Cushion – Every clarinet has a metal or plastic thumbrest. Due to the position of the thumbrest, some children find it uncomfortable on their thumb. A “thumbrest cushion” slides over the metal or hard plastic thumbrest on the clarinet and provides a soft and comfortable alternative.


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