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Yamaha Standard Eb Alto Saxophone - YAS-26

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Yamaha YAS-26 Alto Saxophone Keys

Recommended by more educators than any other alto saxophone.

  • Redesigned neck receiver makes the YAS-26 compatible with all intermediate and professional model Yamaha alto saxophones
  • Stronger receiver screw prevents breakage
  • Double braced B to C# connector improves low range playability and sound
  • Adjustable thumb rest encourages proper positioning and optimizes comfort
Yamaha YAS-26 Alto Saxophone Thumb Hook

Outstanding performance and quality.

The YAS-26 alto saxophone is new for 2012, and replaces their best-selling YAS-23 model, which is now discontinued. The YAS-23 had been the de facto standard student saxophone for well over a decade. At first glance, the new YAS-26 appears to be virtually identical to its predecessor, and for the most part the basic design remains unchanged. Yamaha has made no compromises with their new model. Rest assured that the new YAS-26 upholds Yamaha’s reputation for designing instruments that provide outstanding performance, durability, and quality!

Yamaha YAS-26 Alto Saxophone Neck Receiver

Players of all levels.

Intermediate and professional saxophone players should take note of the new YAS-26 alto saxophone because of the redesigned neck receiver, which allows the standard model instruments to be compatible with all Yamaha saxophone necks, even Yamaha’s professional models. While student players may not see the usefulness of such a utility, this added compatibility is a notable innovation for intermediate and professional saxophone players. Many musicians who own an intermediate or professional instrument find the need for a backup horn for outdoor performances, marching band, and other situations.

Yamaha factory 5-Year Warranty

As with all new Yamaha Band Instruments, the YAS-26 includes Yamaha’s unbeatable 5-Year Factory Warranty.


Included Accessories

  • Premium saxophone case
  • 4C plastic mouthpiece
  • Clear lacquer ligature
  • Mouthpiece cap
  • Cork grease
  • Neck strap
Check out the intermediate model: Yamaha YAS-480
Neck Material:
Yellow Brass
Body Material:
Yellow Brass
Gold Lacquer
Bell Material:
Yellow Brass
Auxiliary Keys:
Front F
Yamaha 4C
Spring Type:
Stainless Steel
Pad Type:
Waterproof Leather and Wool Felt
Thumb Hook:
Adjustable Plastic
Pivot Screw:
Adjustable, Straight-Tapered, Nylon Lock
Post On Body

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